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Welcome to The Vine Studios

Long before we met, we each loved photography. Now we are a husband and wife team, and photography is a part of every trip, every event… every day! This is our life, and together we have more than 30 years of photography experience, in both the film and digital world. We are those friends, the ones always lagging behind the group saying “Just a second! I have to get this shot!” There isn’t much we don’t love photographing. Landscapes inspire us, kids and pets make us smile, weddings make us joyful and nostalgic (and glad we don’t have to do all that planning again!), and stock photography allows us to be creative in everyday life.

Take a look at our galleries and you’ll see what we love to capture: the natural beauty of the world around us, the joy of puppies and children, and the special moments in life worth remembering. 


In addition to our travel and portrait photography, we also offer commercial imagery solutions for the businesses in and around Oregon that we're so found of. Today, online images are as much your storefront as, well - your storefront. Professional images can make a big difference in foot traffic and online presence for your business - check out our commercial galleries for examples of attention getting images that can get your business shining on and offline.

We also offer web design, graphic design, and aerial/drone photography/video services.


We are members of the Professional Photographers Association and are registered Google Partners and Trusted Google Streetview Photographers.


We are blessed to call Oregon home and love to wander the world - but the heart of the Willamette Valley always calls us home. We are based in Corvallis, Oregon.