Get 8 Hours of Sleep: As much as possible, try to get some rest in the days leading up to your shoot. Our editing process will help with dark circles under eyes, but prioritizing sleep the night before your shoot is the most effective method for looking rested! 

Know Thyself: Look back at past photos of yourself that you’ve liked. Were you wearing a specific color? Did you have a specific hairstyle? Was the photo taken from a specific angle? Do you have a favorite side? Make sure to plan appropriately and/or communicate your preferences to the photographer. We would LOVE to see a photo of you from the past that you liked – bring those photos on your phone to your session.

For outdoor shoots, if you have frizzy hair in certain conditions, make sure to account for that in your preparation.

If you get red eyes, dry lips, or acne when doing any activities like hiking, surfing, skiing, swimming in a pool (chlorine), or cooking with certain foods – then refrain from those activities before your shoot.

  • Neon colors.
  • Busy or very small patterns.
  • Spaghetti straps or strapless dresses.
  • Colors that match the background.
  • Baggy clothes.
  • Clothes You Don't Normally Wear.

To avoid dark circles, hydrate plenty beforehand and try to rest well the night before. In terms of clothing – definitely be your usual stylish, fashionable self but bear in mind that the subject of your photograph is your face and not your outfit. Make sure to wear something you feel confident and comfortable in so that mood comes through in pictures.

For a traditional business look, classic dark suits are a great choice. To choose a well-pairing tie, aim to wear a shade that falls between the color of the suit and shirt underneath. A v-neck undershirt underneath is optional.

For a business casual look, skip the jacket and opt for a colored dress shirt or blouse that, ideally, is darker than your skin tone. In both cases, aim for small simple jewelry.

You can always bring different clothing options to choose from while on set. Also, take care that the outfit does not bunch when you sit down or have it buttoned.